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GrantTree in London helps innovative companies acquire state aid. Right from day one in 2011, they have been a pioneer in creating an open culture based on trust and using self-management methods. Andrew Ormerod wrote:

“t GrantTree we’ve found both the individual values profiles and the structure and culture profiles extremely valuable. We see individual growth and company growth as inextricably linked, and have found that the individual profiles provide a powerful springboard into a more structured approach to personal development. Everyone who completed a personal profile has been able to identify a development edge that they can bring awareness to in their work. From a company perspective, the structure and culture data that ValueMatch provides is impressive in its depth and breadth. We have been able to use the top-line findings to understand that we are broadly on track, and the richly detailed underlying data to point to specific areas and directions for improvement. The survey rightly places equal importance on structure and culture, and elegantly highlights the interlink between the two in the three key strands of leadership, direction and attitude.GrantTree logo Understanding that our structure and culture are well-aligned, and that people generally think we get both our structure and our culture right, has been a great confidence boost for us during a time of significant organizational change. That we are also able to see a strong appetite for a more self-directed approach to learning has helped reveal to us our own immunity to change – how we have been in the way of our own aspirations for our culture being fully realized. The ValueMatch specialist has been on hand throughout the process to answer questions and coach us to better understand the information. I heartily endorse ValueMatch for any business that wants to understand its organizational health.

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